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CT Graphic Services Pte Ltd is your trusted partner for your print finishing solutions.
We offer an extensive range of off-the-shelf and custom post-press solutions.
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Our Partners

Over the years, we have collaborated and maintained a long and professional working relationship with many trustworthy enterprises from all around the world.
Like them, we uphold our integrity and professionalism with our clients.

Folder Gluers and
Specialised Bindery Machinery

Rotary Creasing, Slitting and
Micro-Perforating Machinery

Cutting and Paper Handling Equipment

Paper Cutting Systems

Stitching Heads and Machinery

Card Pack Production and Scoring, Perforating, Slitting Systems

Saddle Stitchers and Rotary Scoring, Perforating Machines

Scoring, Micro-Perforating and
Slitting Solutions for Folding,
Stitching, Binding Machinery